EXPO 2015 #myEXPOlisena

Expo 2015 is discussion and sharing. For our guests that would like to share their experience they could send us their pictures and take part to our photo contest #myEXPOlisena. On our Facebook page we will create an album that will encase your “Expo 2015 highlights”. The picture that will achieve the most number of like will get a prize: another stay for two people with entrance in SPA and dinner at  Polisena “L’altro Agriturismo” to be used by 30 January 2016!


  • You can take part to the photo contest if you stayed at the Farm House Polisena between 1 May and 31 October. For the guests that stay longer than two nights there are the Expo tickets on a discounted price, for informations have a look at the link
  • Choose maximum three pictures of your EXPO 2015 experience
  • The photos can portray or the pavilions that surprised you the most, or the food that you loved the most or even you
  • Add or send to our Facebook page your pictures putting your name and when you have been at Polisena, following the instructions written below
  • If your picture will achieve the most number of “like” you will win a week-end in our farm house through the “Intesa” package (value of the package € 199)!

How to send us your picture:

  • Put a like on our Facebook page and post your pictures or send them to us in a pravite message
  • Send them to our mail address: info@agriturismopolisena.it

Remember to put your name and when you have been in our farm house.

At the end of EXPO we will contact you to give you the price!

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