A bite of Polisena

Plant-based restaurant

The cuisine

Polisena is the first plant-based farm restaurant in the province of Bergamo. Here you will discover how rich in colours and flavours the plant-based dishes by chef Francesco Locatelli are. Usually served as sides, vegetables are turned here into the real protagonist of each course, thanks to a careful selection and skillful creativity. We made the ethical choice of going plant-based, and our hope now is to bring ever more people to overcome skepticism or hesitation and come closer to our plant-based cuisine, where we grow, select and prepare every ingredient to fully express its potential.

From the earth, for the Earth.

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Our Path Towards a Plant-based Choice

Many years have passed since we first opened our restaurant in 2011, and the cuisine has always been a reflection of the growth and evolution of chef Francesco Locatelli and the kitchen team. When we reopened after the Covid-19 lockdown, we gradually changed towards a more vegetarian menu, to become almost fully plant-based in February 2023, and the first vegetarian farm restaurant in the province of Bergamo.

We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of old and new guests who have heartily welcomed our new plant-based choice.  We love hearing people saying they have fallen in love with chef Francesco’s risotto with Breme onion, or being surprised by the richness in textures, colours and flavours of his plant-based dishes, or, again, how they managed to please the staunchest of their carnivore friends with a plant-based menu. This is what we wish to communicate and share with everyone coming to Polisena: that a plant-based cuisine is for everyone, that it is good for us and for the Earth, and that by choosing to eat plant-based you are not really giving up to anything, but rather embarking to a journey of discovery of the great plenty that Nature constantly gift us.