Massages and treatments

Massages and treatments

Available only on Saturdays from 16.30 to 19.00 by reservation.

(If you may cancel the massage we will charge the price anyway)

The treatments are as follows:

  • relaxing body massage lasting 50 minutes € 60.00
  • relaxing body massage lasting 30 minutes € 50.00
  • decontracting curative body massage lasting 50 minutes € 65.00
  • Grape seed scrub treatment and body massage 45 minutes, total duration 75 minutes € 80.00
  • “Wine Therapy” treatment: grape seed scrub massage and body massage with grape seed oil total duration 90 minutes, accompanied by a glass of Tosca wine € 110.00

Grape seed scrub massage

According to recent studies, grapes, a symbol of well-being, represent the new weapon against aging. The secret is polyphenol, a substance present within grape seeds, considered to be the most effective natural trap for free radicals, the main causes of skin aging. The various wine therapy treatments (primarily scrub massage) free the skin of dead cells giving it a luminous and youthful appearance, detoxifying the body and stimulating circulation.