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Polisena farmhouse came as the natural evolution of the project started with Tosca winery in 2000, whose core activity is the cultivation of vineyards and the production of wines following the principles of organic farming. Tosca wines tell the story of restoration and care of a land which has long been dedicated to viticulture.

from the earth, for the Earth.

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Family and People

Polisena is our house, and the people you meet there are our family.

It all started with Marco and Tosca’s sense of belonging to this hilly area and their passion for good food and wine, hence the decision to establish the winery and the farmhouse. This project has slowly grown and evolved, engaging Marco and Tosca’s sons Romildo, Francesco, Mainardo, Pietro and their daughter Cristiana. They now have different roles in the family business, and you might meet them in the restaurant, in the kitchen, in the vineyards or in the wine cellar.

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The farmstead

The main building of Polisena dates back to the 18th century, and used to resemble other typical farmstead of this hilly area between Bergamo and Lecco at that time. The building has a long and rich history, and had different uses in the past. It was built as a place to guard the vineyards owned by the Benedictine monks residing in the area and was then turned into a pilgrim house. In the last century, was used as a summer residence for children and, later again, as a rehabilitation centre. Polisena saw many people coming and going, making sense of the meaning of its name, which comes from the greek ‘Polyxena’ (Πολυξένη), meaning ‘very hospitable’.

We used to look up to this old, yet fascinating building nestled on the top of the hill above Pontida, and we wanted to take care of this historical place, while making it more sustainable. We turned Polisena into an environmental-friendly building, while making people and their well-being the center of this change. In the restaurant rooms you will find original architectural elements, like the stone columns and brick vault, while the whole building is powered by renewable energy sources.