Family and people

Our family

The wine making activity with Tosca winery started out from Marco and Tosca‘s passion for good wine and food. In the first years of 2000, there were only few wine cellars that were following the organic viticulture principles, and Marco and Tosca were among those who decided to embark on such a journey. If we think about how popular are now natural wines, back then would have sound like a utopia.

They started with the terraced vineyards close to their home, those at Ca’ Lupo and Bema, where the first vines were planted in 2000 and 2001. Within few years,  after the acquisition of the old Polisena farmstead and the vineyards at its foot, they matured the idea of restoring this old place to make it the center of the wine-making and restaurant activity. After a careful and sustainable restoration, Polisena opened its door in November 2011.


Tosca is the mind and heart behind Polisena: she takes care of the many aspects involved in the management of the farmhouse restaurant and rooms, from the choice of the table setting to welcoming guests at their check-in. A tireless hostess, wife, mother and grandmother.

Polisena head chef  is Francesco, Marco and Tosca’s second-born son. After graduating at the vocational school in San Pellegrino Terme, he trained at few renowned restaurants around Bergamo. As you can read here, his personal experience lead him to approach the plant-based cuisine in 2019, and he was able to implement a full plant-based menu during a short experience at a vegan hotel. When he came back to Polisena at the end of 2020, we gradually introduced full plant-based dishes in the menu, to make a full plant-based turn in February 2023.


In the dining room you will find Marco, together with his sons Romildo, Mainardo and Pietro, who will tell you everything about our organic wine production and will lead you through our plant-based menu. Romildo and Mainardo split their time between the dining room and the work in the vineyards and the wine cellar.

Mainardo, Pietro, Romildo e Francesco

The staff

Polisena originated from an idea of the Locatelli family, but many people helped us to turn this idea into reality and still help us to carry it on everyday, both in the restaurant and the rooms.

Giada is like family, she has been with us since the beginning of the wine company, when all the accounting and red tape was done in the study room of the previous house. Giada is still in charge of the accounting part, but also takes care of reservations and welcoming guests upon their arrival. Sous-chef Chicco has also being with us for many years: he arrived at Polisena after he graduated, and has stayed with us over the years. Giusy and Manuela take care of the room and their cleanliness: if our guests feel at home, it is also thanks to them.
In the dining room we have a super team of special girls: Serena S. (who is responsible for the social media part), Sofia, Michela, Serena T., Giusy, and Debora, whom you will find also at the front desk.